LA vs. NYC – Which is better for living

Should I live in NYC? Why many New Yorkers moving to Los Angeles lately? A dozen of similar questions emerge when one is pregnant with the thought of moving from New York to LA. Well, broadly speaking, both the cities offer ample, but of course with some significant differences. Let us have a detailed look here at why should I live in NYC or LA and understand the ongoing debate of LA vs NYC.

Living in Los Angeles Pros and Cons

To begin with, a snippet is worth while discussing ‘living in Los Angeles pros and cons’ before elaborating on the details. The city houses five airports and it is cheaper than NYC with respect to the cost of food. The lifestyle pace is comparatively impressive while job availability is enough. People are free to follow their own lifestyles and hobbies due to diverse cultural communities. Los Angeles gladly welcomes tourists with open arms and massive small business economies thrive. Renting apartments is slightly less costly compared to NYC. Simultaneously, the city offers more houses to purchase and these are mostly new and not located in the suburbs.


Local Airports – LA is home to five airports and these are Hollywood Burbank Airport, John Wayne Airport, Long Beach Airport, Ontario International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport. The LA International Airport is the second largest in the United States. NYC is a large city but limited to just two airports, though both are large. It uses the third airport from the neighboring city, northern Queens.

New York City, NY

Cost of Food – If a city is large, the cost of grocery tend to move up compared to smaller cities and towns. This is one of the significant disadvantages of living in New York City, and therefore moving from NYC to LA is a common trend lately. It is to note that LA is more expensive than most cities in the United States. Government data reveals it is at least 4 percent more expensive than the national average. However, LA has better access to fresh products throughout the year compared to NYC.

Lifestyle Pace – In recent years, many preferred to retire in Los Angeles. There are two primary reasons for it. The first is its weather. It is a better city compared to NYC with respect to climate. Additionally, it offers a more relaxing pace. Several parts of LA have a similar lifestyle compared to NYC. Hence, living here seems not much different. Some parts of the city are busy of course.

Cost of Housing – The utility cost is less in LA. The cost of renting a house or apartment is not as expensive as that of NYC. Moreover, the apartments are comparatively spacious. These are not very small.

Owned Houses vs. Rented Houses – The availability of houses are more in Los Angeles compared to NYC due to the less condensed urban area. If one is looking for buying a house, it is easier here. New York City currently has less room for building new houses.

Living Space – NYC is condensed. Getting more space between neighbors is hardly possible. Moreover, many houses are extremely old. Los Angeles offers more living space. The neighboring houses are a little apart. This is one of the primary reasons many prefer moving from NYC to LA.

Climate – For many who are moving from NYC to LA states climate is a significant reason. If one loves snow during the holidays, the city is perfect. Moreover, LA offers a warmer climate for the rest part of the year. The temperature is low. The winters are icy.

Recreational Activities – Los Angeles is much spread compared to NYC and houses some globally renowned recreational destinations such as the Disneyland Theme Park and the Universal Studios Theme Park which are family-friendly. The Santa Monica Pier surrounded by beaches offers several amusement rides and places to eat. Downtown Hollywood is a well-known destination for the film industry and it is an iconic symbol of entertainment. The city is home to the Los Angeles Clippers and the Los Angeles Lakers in the basketball segment while the Los Angeles Dodgers for baseball.


Local Taxes – The tax rates are higher in LA compared to the national average as the city requires good revenue to maintain appropriate infrastructure as well as reliable utilities. It is suggested to check the taxing system from a reliable or official website. Moreover, detailed research is needed to understand the specific tax bracket on one’s income while looking for the advantages of living in Los Angeles.

Availability of Medical Care – Compared to NYC, Los Angeles is considered poor in the availability of medical care facilities. Data reveals the city has fewer hospitals and medical universities with respect to the population. Getting appropriate medical care could be delayed based on the region one is located. If one resides far from a medical service provider, the facility could take time.

Crime Rate – Los Angeles lacks ample security officers compared to NYC. This has paved the path to an increased crime rate. It is suggested to take a look at the latest FBI reports before moving from NYC to LA.

Transportation – Before moving from NYC to LA, it is important to take note of the transportation system. Getting around is a daily routine and Los Angeles does not offer a satisfactory network. The traffic is terrible and the freeways are congested. It lacks proper parking zones compared to NYC. However, moving around using public transportation is better than driving your own car.

Pros and Cons of Living in NYC

Should I move to LA or NYC? Is it more expensive to live in LA or NYC? Is LA cheaper than NYC? These are some of the significant questions being asked by many in both North America and Latin America while thinking of relocating. In the first half of this article, we have discussed ‘Living in Los Angeles Pros and Cons’ and next to talk are the pros and cons of living in NYC.

New York City is always a dream place to live for many rich people as it has a plethora of offers for everyone including great lifestyle, job availability, tourism, prompt medical care availability, better local economy, low crime rate, comfortable climate, good transportation system and incredible recreational activities. Let us have a detailed look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of living in New York City.


Lifestyle Pace – For those who are thinking of moving from Los Angeles to NY and love a rapid pace lifestyle, the city has much to offer. Life moves quickly in New York City as people try to utilize their spare time to the fullest after hard work throughout the week in jobs and professions. Keeping oneself busy is the first priority here. However, it is not a good idea to retire in NYC. Los Angeles offers comparatively more peace even though some parts of the city witnesses a similar lifestyle. Both the cities have pros and cons with respect to lifestyle pace and this is the reason the LA vs NYC debate is ongoing. Some books and newspaper articles may favor LA arguing the city houses Hollywood and is cheaper than NYC. Other sources insist on moving from Los Angeles to NY.

Job Availability – New York City is a happening city. Businesses thrive here. It is capable of offering more jobs compared to most cities in the United States. This is one of the primary reasons many youths argue moving from Los Angeles to NY is better than the other way.

Government data reveals the employment graph moved northward with 4.55 million jobs in 2018 and this was the highest ever in a decade.

Lifestyle – People try to follow their own lifestyle and hobbies irrespective of where they live and with whom they mingle. New York offers diversity. The population here is mixed and everyone lives their own way. Moreover, outdoor opportunities are easier to access in the city compared to most other cities in the United States.

The city offers excellent nightlife. Pedestrians can be witnessed all night long in some major streets.

Cultural Communities – The city is pregnant with very diverse populations and this is the reason most of the businesses here are owned by minority groups. The minority populations are mostly from Africa, Bangladesh and the Caribbean. They follow various types of cultures. The rich population includes people from Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Haiti.

Tourism – Tourism is huge in NYC. Tourism thrives here. Tourists bring a massive income for the local businesses in the city and around it. Tourists usually visit to see the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and Times Square. However, in the debate of LA vs NYC, both cities are equally good with respect to tourism. Los Angeles offers a more tropical climate, Hollywood, amusement parks and some lovely beaches to tourists.

Los Angeles, CA

For those who are into the tourism profession or job, moving from NYC to LA could be a bad idea.

Medical Care Availability – This is one important reason why many are moving from Los Angeles to NY. The city offers quick and prompt medical care availability as it comparatively has more medical facilities equipped with more capacity. The city houses research centers and medical universities in good numbers. These offer a wide variety of treatments.

Local Economy – The city is pregnant with massive small business economies. A plethora of job opportunities is made available by these small businesses. Tourism is one of the primary and significant reasons for thriving local economies. Local business houses get a boost with more influx of tourists from corners of America and abroad.

People looking for job opportunities in NYC are suggested to check local job portals before moving here.

Crime Rate – Two important factors one should check while relocating are job opportunities and crime rate. NYC is rated higher in offering jobs and lower in terms of crime rate. The crime rates are very low in the city even compared to LA. To get more details it is suggested to check the FBI report from its official site.

Climate – New York’s climate is awesome and especially during the holidays. Compared to Los Angeles, the city has lower temperatures and the winters are very snowy and icy. It is a perfect place to relocate if a lower temperature is preferred even during the summertime.

Recreational Activities – New York City is highly recommended for recreational activities. The city houses some globally renowned architectures such as the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building, the World Trade Center and the Rockefeller Center. The Statue of Liberty, Times Square and Central Park are additionally popular among tourists. Apart from these, the city offers thousands of goods and branded stores for shoppers.

New York is home to several professional sports teams like the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets for basketball, the New York Yankees and the New York Mets for baseball, and the New York Rangers for Hockey.

Tourists can enjoy local shows and concerts throughout the year.

Transportation – Getting around the city is easy. The local transportation system is one of the best and is accessible at a reasonable fare. Moving anywhere or everywhere in the city is possible with public transport.


Local Airports – New York City is a populated city compared to Los Angeles and considering the huge flow of tourists and travelers, it lacks ample airports. It houses just two large airports while Los Angeles is blessed with five. However, the city utilizes neighboring airports such as one in northern Queens and the other in New Jersey. Both, the LaGuardia Airport and the Newark Liberty International Airport help in releasing loads of the local airports.

People who need to travel on and off are not recommended to live here. This is one of the greatest disadvantages of living in New York City.

Cost of Food – If LA vs NYC cost of living is considered, moving from Los Angeles to NY is not a good idea. The grocery and food budget may shoot very high here. The city is costly. It is costlier by 16.6 percent compared to the national average while Los Angeles is costlier by 4.1 percent. Moreover, LA offers better access to fresh produce than NYC.

Local Taxes – Both New York and Los Angeles have higher tax rates compared to most of the cities in the United States. The cities collect good revenue to spend in infrastructure and reliable utilities. It is therefore suggested to check the tax bracket before moving from Los Angeles to NY or vice versa. The taxing system could be slightly complicated, but it is important to understand before relocating.

Cost of Housing – As New York City is congested and more populated, the cost of housing is comparatively higher than in Los Angeles, either renting or buying. The apartments here are less spacious. Having a yard or garden is hardly possible. Neighbors are very near unlike the housing units of Los Angeles.

LA vs. NYC Verdict

In this article titled LA vs. NYC – Which is better for living, we discussed in detail whether moving from Los Angeles to NY is better or moving from NYC to Los Angeles. We tried to understand the pros and cons of both cities with respect to the cost of living, recreational activities, climate, crime rate, tourism, local economy, lifestyle pace, medical care availability, cost of housing, local taxes, job availability and more. We are not judgmental and cannot wrap up favoring one against the other. Those who are planning to move to these cities need to understand their own criteria and requirements. One may like the busy lifestyle of the NYC and someone else may look for a lower cost of food.  Some may opt for a low tax bracket while others may like the climate of a place.

However, Los Angeles seems to be the best option for retiring as the lifestyle is similar to New York City while the cost of living is less expensive. The beaches here are perfect for old-age couples to breathe some fresh air in a quiet and lonely atmosphere, away from the city noise and population. The city houses five airports and moving from one place to another frequently is not an issue. Compared to New York City, the houses and apartments here are more spacious and less costly.

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